A guide to technology - Complete with How to's our top picks

Here with our Top tech tips and how to guides we try to simplify your choices by providing our top picks and reviews to everyday tech. Tech support can mean a lot of different thing these days. With technology touching so many areas of our life.

Maybe your looking for an upgrade to your existing system or looking for that new software to simplify your tasks. We have compiled our favorites in many areas including our favorite gadgets for this year.  Thankfully great sites like Amazon help simplify our shopping experience.

Never as in recent years have we witnessed such radical technological evolutions that they have been able to involve practically every aspect of our existence.

Or simply to smartphones, through which we can carry out any type of activity, from a simple phone call to remotely controlling our home.

We are witnessing a real revolution. Choosing to digitize your work means not only keeping up with the times, but facing a series of changes and positive effects, just think of the “disappearance” of dozens and dozens of folders or the greater agility in searching for documents with consequent saving time to spend on less practical and boring matters. From digital signature to certified e-mail, today almost everything is digitally feasible.

In short, the digitization of our professions is now a reality. For many it will not be so automatic to decide to rely on technology, to do everything that until yesterday was done “manually”, or almost! But often it is just a small obstacle to overcome.

And when you have passed it, you will have only one question left: why didn’t I do it before?