Essential software every pc should have 2021

Looking for Essential software every pc should have 2021 but don’t want to waste time doing dozens of Google searches? Well, to clarify this article will surely be useful to you. In fact we have grouped all the free programs, suitable for all needs. Most importantly they are all free and ready to be downloaded from the Internet.

Start off right with productivity, practicality, security and other cool programs. In short they just make life easier.

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Let’s get right to it!

Safety First – Anti-malware

Is your PC infected? You can use one of the following antimalware utilities to clean your PC of junk and viruses.

  • Malwarebytes : undoubtedly the best software to remove all kinds of threats that afflict our computer, which you can also find in our Malwarebytes review
  • Avast Free : The most complete free antivirus around, with numerous modules and extra features for security.

Ninite – Install all your programs

Ninite is your your one-stop shop for desktop applications. Simply click on the applications you want and Ninite will download the latest version, absolutely free and safe. Pick the apps you want and they install one after another.  

Chat and Calls

Do you use social media a lot and like to chat? Discover all the applications you can install on your PC to always keep track of the messages received from your favorite contacts.

  • Telegram : with this program you can access all your chats you are used to on the Telegram app for smartphones even from a PC, without synchronization problems.
  • WhatsApp : even the famous messaging app now allows you to follow your chats from your PC complete with notifications in real time.
  • Messenger for Desktop : With this program you can interact with Facebook friends and contacts.
  • Skype : the famous video-calling app also allows you to send messages and chat with emoticons.

Email client

In addition to reading your email with a web browser or in Microsoft Outlook, you can keep your most important messages with a free email client. Here are the best programs you can install on Windows.

  • Thunderbird : the most famous free e-mail program, with the ability to manage multiple mailboxes at the same time.

Having tried them all, this is by far my favorite. With the plugins and extensions it becomes the most versatile and user friendly email client. 

Compressed files (ZIP and others)

If you download or receive a large number of compressed files in ZIP, RAR and other formats you can use one of the following programs to manage them and, if necessary, create your own compressed archive.

  • 7-Zip : the best program to manage and create compressed files.
  • Winrar : this is also a very popular program for managing compressed files.
  • PeaZip : this program relies on a simple interface to manage any compressed archive.

There are a ton more but any of these will do the trick.  My personal favorite is 7Zip as it integrated directly into your right click context options.

Office and PDF documents

There is not only Microsoft Office to manage documents! Discover the best useful programs as an office suite or to manage, create or edit PDFs.

  • LibreOffice : Currently the best office suite for managing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.
  • Foxit Reader : a great free program to view documents in PDF format. 

Not to mention Google Drive which offers a full array of options.

  • Docs: for all your writing needs.
  • Sheets for all your spreadsheet needs
  • Slides Online presentations
  • just to name a few as there are many more available.

Player to see Videos and Movies

Are movies and TV series your passion? Find out how to enjoy them in high definition with your PC monitor.

  • VLC : without a doubt the best program to view video on PC.
  • Potplayer : simple and immediate video player with great compatibility.
  • MPV : Lightweight video player, best for older PCs.
  • SMPlayer : Free and open source program to watch videos in HD quality.
  • MPlayer : a good light and intuitive program for watching movies.

VLC is the only one you really need.

Security and password Managers

Security is everything, particularly when you talk about site passwords and credit card information. Here are the best apps for keeping passwords and for PC security.

  • Bitwarden : Trustworthy place to store all your confidential information. Multiple devices simutaneously
  • LastPass : to save all access passwords in one place, protected from prying eyes. Free version can only be used by 1 device at a time.


Do you want to try new operating systems without touching anything on the hard drive? Discover the best programs to virtualize operating systems for free on Windows.

  • VirtualBox : the best program to virtualize any operating system.


QTTabBar is a multi purpose utility with a number of other useful features besides tabbing Explorer windows.

Once tabs are enabled they will appear below the Explorer ribbon in Windows.

  • Tabs can be rearranged and grouped together
  • You can also simply drag a folder onto the tab bar to open a new tab.
  • The right click menu on the tab bar includes some other useful additions like an advanced rename dialog and a keyboard shortcut finder.
  • Many other features you’ll love

Programs to Uninstall

Since you bought your new computer, you have downloaded a bunch of programs that you thought might come in handy. After some time, however, you have thought about it and now you would like to understand how to get rid of it, also going to gain some precious space on your hard disk. Given the situation, it seems only right to point out all those that in my humble opinion represent the best uninstall programs on the square.

Below you will therefore find a bunch of excellent software, both free and paid, both for Windows and for macOS, thanks to which you can remove from your computer all the software and apps that you no longer need and that do nothing else that will burden your hard drive.

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is another great free software uninstaller. It supports standard or advanced uninstallation of programs, allowing you to remove even the residual traces that uninstalled programs usually leave on your PC hard disk, and allows you to uninstall multiple programs at the same time. Direct download to latest version


Programs to uninstall


Revo Uninstaller 

The first among the uninstall programs that I want to tell you is Revo Unistaller . It is probably one of the best software of this type available for the Microsoft operating system.

Thanks to its very simple user interface (in Italian), it allows you to permanently remove programs from your PC by eliminating all residual traces that usually remain on the hard disk and in the system registry.

Note the presence of the viewfinder mode, which allows you to uninstall a program simply by clicking on its window or its icon.

Revo Uninstaller is compatible only and exclusively with Windows and is available in various versions: free , paid and free no-install . To download it to your computer click here .


Screenshot of Revo Unistaller on Windows 10



CCleaner   one of the most famous uninstaller programs in the world. It is a real must-have for system maintenance.

In a few simple steps it allows you to delete unnecessary files from the hard disk, repair errors in the system registry, manage programs set to start automatically when the PC is turned on and uninstall unnecessary programs (even the most difficult ones ). It is completely in Italian and quite safe to use.

CCleaner is available for both Windows and macOS , both in a free and paid version . To download free top your computer click here .

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