The Top 5 Best Wireless Video Surveillance Camera Systems

Eyes on Security

The right wireless video surveillance system is necessary if you value security. So we have compiled our Best 5 wireless video surveillance systems

Firstly by “video surveillance” we mean any home security system. Using one or more cameras, enables you to always monitor one or more rooms of your home. These devices transmit images wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

There are many advantage to using  the best wireless camera systems.

Meanwhile until recently, the only option for any video surveillance system was to have a professional do the installation. In contrast we have amazon’s great selection.

With the advent of new and more simplified technologies, the video surveillance system has become available to everyone. Meanwhile today, more and more users are turning to new wireless models which consequently allow you to do everything yourself.

Most importantly to activate a wireless system, all you need is a power socket near the camera and a WiFi router to connect to the internet. Therefore No cables and no need for skilled labor.

In addition, the top wireless video surveillance system connected to the internet allows you to interact and control anything remotely without depending for example on an external control, generally a private surveillance institution, with further savings.

Preliminary considerations for Best 5 wireless video surveillance systems.

Additionally, before proceeding with the purchase of a wireless system, it is good to make some considerations. The first and most important is the signal transmission quality. Is the building where you want to mount the video surveillance kit sufficiently covered by the network? In old houses, with very thick walls, the signal may have some difficulty reaching the external video camera to the router located inside the building, subsequently giving your a hard time.

Generally small devices are preferred, most importantly should to be placed discreetly at strategic points, to avoid transforming your home into a sort of distressing bunker.

Cameras should never be hidden, they represents an effective deterrent. Additionally, choosing to combine with a wireless anti-theft device, the protection is truly complete. Our breakdown of the 5 best wireless video surveillance systems.

Who is it essential to?

Thefts breakin

That is to say Wireless alarm systems combined with our Best 5 wireless video surveillance systems are the best way to  protect your family and property.

Above all security systems deter thieves. In fact, if you already have a security system, you can upgrade it by installing other devices that offer more protection and act as a deterrent.

Along with connecting to mobile devices, modern security systems can also be integrated with other smart appliances of home automation systems, such as automatically turning on the lights at night and secondly triggering external perimeters.

Furthermore insurance companies offer discounts on policy prices if a monitored alarm system is installed.

Purchase advice

To clarify a surveillance camera system for home or office security typically performs the same basic function. Detecting an event, record it, and in rare cases, sends a warning concurrently with the event or on a periodic basis.

Some cameras with features that go far beyond the basic functions, such as IP cameras.

Let’s find out together.

IP cameras generate video signals in digitized form, ready for direct transmission over the internet, without converting the signals into analog formats first. Therefore, being controlled via the same data network.

Firstly cameras are easy to install and do not require a computer to function. IP cameras are used for best wireless surveillance system.

Secondly once installed, they allow you to monitor a place from anywhere in the world using any computer or mobile device.

Let’s see below what their main characteristics are.

Connection Type

These cameras are typically wired to a power supply. Required to be placed near an outlet and connect to your home network wirelessly.

Some models require a direct connection to the router in order to access the internet. The cable servers as both power and data communication. For instance PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras are the only option.

Indoor or outdoor IP cam

Location is essential. (e.g. in a garden or perimeter)

Outdoor IP cameras must be resistant to atmospheric agents.

Framing and field of view

How far you can see depends on the camera’s field of view. For example if you want to monitor an interior, you can choose a single device that has a static viewing angle.(i.e. a fixed frame, generally 130 degrees to provide more amplitude). Meanwhile Fisheye cameras can deliver a 360-degree shot according to where they are placed.

In outdoor applications, a robotic system is better in terms of range. Great features such as PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) moves horizontally and vertically and can zoom. the framed area.

Night vision and motion detection

Most thefts take place after sunset, it is important that the cameras are equipped with night vision. Infrared and LED lighting. For external environment it could be helpful to have lights that turn on when they detect the movement of a possible intruder.

Another particularly helpful function is that of motion detection.  These sensors can be very sensitive it is necessary to properly adjust them in order to minimize false alarms.

Image quality, resolutions, format

No video can help if the image is blurry or distorted. It’s necessary to opt for the highest resolution possible.

The cameras with HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels) offer greater image clarity, but if the speed of your ADSL is not the fastest, it is better to move towards lower resolutions, compatible with remote transmission that requires less capacity.

On subject of image quality, the type of format is also crucial. IP Cams generally support all formats. H.264, mpeg4, mpeg and jpeg.  Night vision and capturing images in low light, the optics of the camera is also critical. A lower value corresponds to a larger lens aperture.

Two-way audio

Audio can be extremely useful in a security camera system. To hear what is happening in the monitored area and get a more complete picture when you are not present is very valuable.

You should consider cameras with two-way audio, which can communicate with the device using the tablet’s or smartphone’s microphone.  You will need a loudspeaker for this case.


Most manufacturers connect to IP cameras systems via their own apps. Some models may feature SD slots for storing data on memory cards.

More advanced solutions can use video recorders or a NAS devices (Network Attached Storage). NAS devices can be setup to automatically record footage. Some manufacturers offer cloud storage plans. Recorded video is sent to a remote server and stored for a predetermined time.  The service may be subject to a fee.

Programming and security

Turning the camera on and off, detecting motion and / or sending alerts at certain times.

Opt for camera that supports wireless security protocols such as WPA2. And most importantly, avoid installing a security camera without changing the default ID and password.

Back up battery

A power outage or a thief could cut the electricity off, stopping the camera from working. Due to this, some IP cameras can work for a short period with a spare battery.

Mobile app and alerts

Apps for smartphones and tablets are usually available for wireless security cameras. These allow you to customize the functions of the device. They must be intuitive and easy to use. In some cases, however, the function can also be accessed through a web portal.

For remote interaction, the cameras can send push notifications to the smartphone when they detect events or anomalies. There are several types of warning.

Facial recognition

A few advanced cameras are experimenting with facial recognition. However, this option that requires careful tuning.  It may also require a few poses in front of the camera.

Once you have clarified the most essential characteristics of wireless video surveillance cameras, you can move on to another equally important aspect.

The best quality/price ratio.

Listed below are the 5 best wireless video surveillance systems

D-Link Indoor WiFi Camera Full HD Security

2 Way Audio Pan Tilt Zoom 1080P Motion Detection Night Vision MicroSD & Cloud Recording Works with Alexa and Google Assistant (DCS-8525LH-US)

Best quality / price ratio (for indoors)

It is compatible with existing video surveillance systems and allows you to add more cameras without making any changes.

Structurally similar to a small desktop webcam, it is actually a powerful indoor camera with a night vision device. In fact, thanks to the infrared LEDs present around the crown of the lens, it is possible to see what happens inside the house even in the dark. Ideal for monitoring children who sleep in their rooms.

Connect to the camera remotely not only via computer, but also from iPhone and / or Android device, to orient it and increase the view. It is equipped with various functions including Pan (viewing angle: between -170 ° and + 170 °, for a total of 340 °), Tilt (total inclination of 120 °) and Zoom (magnification: 4x) to shoot areas wider.

A WiFi extender that expands the wireless coverage, allowing you to view night images up to 5 meters in total darkness. Video compression in H.264 / Mjpeg format ensures good images both day and night.

The camera can be connected to the home network without the need for any cable: it can therefore be positioned where it is most convenient. In addition, the company provides a cloud-type account to be able to access the camera from anywhere on earth.

At the time of installation, a password can be configured to prevent unauthorized access to the appliance.


  • Motorized and can monitor a large area
  • Acts as an amplifier for the wireless signal
  • Two-way microphone to communicate with whoever is in the house 


  • Slightly slow management software

D-Link Indoor WiFi Camera Full HD Security

3 Camera Security System - Wireless, 2K Video & HDR, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, 160° View, Wire-Free, Works with Alexa, White - VMS4340P

The best kits with three cameras & a base station

Thanks to the motion sensor, any emergency the base sends an alert via email or a notification via a dedicated app.

It is 100% wireless. The cameras are powered by 4 CR123 lithium batteries (included in the first set), which guarantee an autonomy of about 6 months. They are also completely waterproof and weatherproof, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors, with high quality night vision.


Positioning them around the house is easy with a magnetic mounting stand, or they can be mounted on flat surfaces. Just connect the base station to the WiFi router, sync the cameras, launch the free Arlo app, and within minutes, you’re ready to use the system.

All video recordings are immediately saved in Netgear’s cloud, free up to 1 Gb of memory. If you want more space or want to connect more cameras you need to upgrade to paid plans.

Whatever device you use, smartphone, tablet or computer, one or two clicks are enough to keep everything under control. You can connect up to 15 cameras in the cloud, watch up to four cameras simultaneously, and schedule motion detection times to suit your needs.


  • Very easy system to install on your own
  • Activation can be scheduled
  • Good infrared illumination at night 


  • There is no disconnect warning when the internet signal is absent

Wireless NVR Security Camera System Outdoor

Hard Drive,Wireless CCTV Video Surveillance WiFi Camera Systems with DVR,4Pcs Wireless IP Cameras with Audio

The kit is immediately appreciated for its particularly advantageous quality / price ratio. Four-channel DVR recorder.

20 meters long cables to power the supplied cameras, mouse and remote control to remotely monitor the angle of the shooting and schedule the recording.

The waterproof cameras are also suitable for night vision, thanks to their 24 infrared LEDs. They are also equipped with a 3.6 mm CCD sensor lens that allows a defined and wide vision. Thanks to the long cable supplied, they can also be placed in the garden.

The dialogue with mobile devices takes place through the fixed network internet connection. Apps are compatible with smartphones in the Android & iPhone environment.


  • Complete equipment
  • Good night vision
  • Very intuitive basic operation


  • Software management slow

Security Camera Outdoor

Wireless WiFi IP Camera Home Security System 360° View,Motion Detection, auto Tracking,Two Way Talk,HD 1080P pan Tile Full Color Night Vision Boavision

  • 【Motion-Tracking&Alerts 】 Motion-Tracking allows the camera to track objects in motion. When enabled the camera will begin to automatically record and follow the object in motion. You will receive alerts directly on your IOS/Android Device from the app once motion is detected.
  • 【Floodlight&Alarm Siren】The floodlight can be set to turn on when the moving objects detected in the darkness,you can also set sound alarm to make loud siren when the moving object is detected. .then built-in advanced microphone & speaker allows you scare away uninvited guests,send commands to pets, say hello to welcome guests.
  • 【Pan Tile 4xDigital Zoom&1080P Night Vision】View live video in up to 1080p (1920×1080) day and night,4x Digital zoom, with 350° horizontal and 120° Vertical,The camera support B&W/Color/Auto(Intelligent) night vision modes.Allow you customized your best night vision experience.
  • 【 All Platform Supported 】Support 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi(NOT 5Ghz Wifi) ,Supports smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), PC(Mac OS, Windows). This is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.
  • 【3rd Party Software Support】 The home security camera allows you to connect most famous NVR , NAS and 3rd Party surveillance system, like Blue iris, ispy, Tinycam, IPCamViewer, Synology, QNAP, 2K/4K NVR, etc.

2 Camera Security System

Wireless, 4K Video & HDR, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Wire-Free, 180º View, White - VMS5240-200NAS

  • Spend less time recharging with 6 months of battery life on one charge.
  • Free local storage – Remotely access your locally secured videos from the included Arlo Smart hub (requires MicroSD card, sold separately).
  • Zoom in to see sharp details – See and record video in 4K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night.
  • See more at night – See important features like faces or license plates in full color, at night, with color night vision.
  • Smarter alerts, quicker action – Receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Smart trial.
  • Respond quickly to notifications – Hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, noise-canceling, two-way audio.
  • See more – With a wide 180° diagonal viewing angle lens that has an auto image correction, reducing the fisheye effect.